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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slipped again...

ahh... I don't know if we'll ever get passed this.

Arianna's latest weigh in, at 28 months actual, 25 adjusted ... 24 lbs. 2 oz. or 10th percentile for her adjusted age. She hasn't been on the weight charts for her actual age since 12 months.

She eats really well but is having some behavioral problems at meal times and its a hard line to walk regarding teaching her proper meal time behavior vs. getting her to eat. Since I've been on bedrest hubby has been doing all the cooking and I'll be honest - we're eating badly. He just doesn't think of wholesome and nutritious foods for meals. He thinks of ease and meat... that's it. So when I get out of bed to get to the table I have to remind him to get things for her to eat but at the same time our nutritionist says she should eat what we eat. Then comes the temper tantrums - she'll start playing with her food (usually squishing it in her hands) and we'll remind her that food is for eating not playing and then she'll start throwing food and yelling. So then its time out (again) and then she won't eat anything else for the rest of the night "NO! I don't like food!" (Well, duh, I know that!)

So we try to make up with it at breakfast by giving her high fat foods for breakfast (waffle COVERED in butter, yogurt and milk) and she'll eat all of it and then some. She continues to eat well at daycare but dinner time is really hard. She's also really active and running all over the place now - so that's hard too.

But I look at it this way, she looks healthy and no one is overly concerned because this has been her path for over a year now. She's a very happy toddler (despite her spending the majority of her day at home in timeout...seriously) and very active... we'll start adding in more fats again and hope it makes a difference at her next weigh in.

Oh ya, and on the potty training front - she's a super start. More accident free days than not! I may actually get my dream of having only one kid in diapers soon enough!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Conversations with a 2 year old

Arianna: Daddy, I've got a boo boo!!!
Dad: You got a boo boo honey?
Arianna: Ya, it really sucks Daddy

Lovely... Almost as good as "I don't like it!!" Or the new answer to "did you wet your pants?... "I don't know...". um, ya.