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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hyper Speed

My life is moving at hyper speed right now - I've had 9 photography clients this month and 2 workshops - I'm BEYOND swamped so I haven't had any updates. Life (and blogging) will return to its regularly scheduled programming soon.

Daria turned 6 months... where did the time go? Seriously, I miss my little baby... now she's my big baby. Last night at dinner I think she ate more than her sister did, no surprise there. LOL

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

American values...

I was at the mall a few days ago when this picture caught my eye on an advertisement display. It's back?! Seriously?! It's back for another season?

What's happened to America? I get so sick to my soul when I see this type of stuff advertised as heavily as it is! What happened to the values of yester-year when teenage pregnancy is glamorized like this?!

Is this really what the American teenager is supposed to be like? Is this the image our children are to aspire to? What happened to varsity football, prom queen and national honor society? Pregnant teenager? Seriously?

I know someone is going to say "it's not showing it in a poistive light..." It doesn't matter! You know the saying "There is no such thing as bad publicity" - it holds as much truth here as anywhere.

How can we expect to instill the values that worked so well in the past and that we want to preserve when this is the type of stuff we have working against us?

And shame on you ABC - shame on you for putting this on your so called "FAMILY" channel. What a joke - do you seriously think your promoting family values with this junk?!

Just last week on my radio station an ad for a 'male enhancement' product came on the air. It started out with this exact line "Last night was the best sex of my life. I performed like a stallion and my girl loved me for it!".

I nearly drove off the road! I have my 2 daughters in the back seat - is nothing sacred? I know advertising revenue is down but COME ON! I don't want to hear ads like that and I certainly don't want impressionable young ears hearing that stuff either.

Some days it makes me wonder if we should try at all - there's just too much working against us.