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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Goodbye dear friend

1995 - May 27, 2009

Last week we had to say goodbye to our dear furry friend TiSan. We've had TiSan for 8 years and, at 14, he was old. He took a stroke Wednesday morning but it was really the last thing to go in a long list of 'problems'. He had high blood pressure, horrible food allergies and was losing weight at an alarming rate. He was so frail when we held him for the last time.

He was such a wonderful companion for us. As soon as we moved out of our 'teeny tiny' apartment in Plainville to Providence we adopted him. He came from a 'cat collector' in Maryland. She had over 300 cats when he was rescued. He, almost immediately, took to my husband but it took him YEARS (at least 4) to learn to trust me. I loved him so much.

Our relationship with TiSan changed when the kids arrived. It became really apparant when Daria arrived. I felt bad for him when Daria would crawl over and pull him down - but he was such a WONDERFUL cat that he would just take it. He wouldn't hiss or bite, just take it and then slowly walk away. What a great cat for kids!

I'm going to miss him. Our house is so very empty without ANY cats. This is a first in 8 years and I think we'll remain that way for a while - we need some time without cats and all the 'stuff' that comes with them. TiSan was sick for a while and then Misty before him have left us with alot to 'clean up' and our finances need some cushion. It's amazing how much you can spend on a cat in only a few weeks... he was worth it though. I didn't want him to suffer needlessly.

We had him creamated and, as of today, he sits in our bedroom as an eternal reminder of the great friend we lost. Our memories are strong. He's quite the cat to measure up to... I don't think we'll ever have one like him.

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